Emergency Go Kit

You and your partner are called to the Disney World to help look for an elderly man and his five-year-old grandson.  They have wondered out of the public areas and are behind the scenes possible in the Animal Kingdom section of the park.  The child is a type one diabetic and is insulin dependent.  The elderly male possible has the early onset of dementia.  The elderly man’s name is Curtis and the young boy is named Harold.  Night is beginning to fall on the happiest place on earth and the parents to the boy are getting worried.  Disney does not have many people to spare to help look for the lost couple. 


Create a “go bag” to aid in the search and make sure you have plenty of the necessary supplies to get you through a long night.  The kit needs to be portable and able to carry with you. 


Contents of the kit must include (but are not limited to):

  1. The kit shall include (but is not limited to) first aid supplies, food/water, technology or supplies needed for the specific mission.
  2. The container that will hold the supplies shall be a small appropriately sized and portable for the assignment.
  3. The kit shall include a contents list of included items, and a written justification of why each item was chosen and for what purpose it will be used.
  4. There shall not be more than 20 listed items in the kit.  Multi-packs such as a package of 20 crackers or box of crayons count as one item.
  5. No weapons of any kind may be included in the kit.  Multi-tools with knives are also forbidden.  
  6. Facsimiles of expensive items, such as GPS, phones or thermal imaging cameras may be used, however they must be the approximate mass and size of a real unit for space limitation challenges.  No items or technology can be invented for the competition (example: device that creates water from sand)
  7. Kits shall be judged on the presence and written justification for the following category groups for yourself and the patient found:
    • Food and water
    • First aid supplies
    • Survival supplies
    • Technology
    • Navigation resources
    • Written justification for inclusion

Kits must be turned in at registration before opening ceremony.