Mr. Harold Rutledge, M.A., a seasoned professional with a distinguished career, now assumes the pivotal role of overseeing daily operations at FPSA, Inc. With a wealth of experience spanning over four decades as both a law enforcement officer and a dedicated classroom educator, coupled with an impressive tenure of more than 18 years within the Florida Public Service Association, Inc. (FPSA), serving as both an esteemed advisor and the esteemed chairman, Mr Rutledge brings an unparalleled depth of expertise to his new role.

Mr. Rutledge's visionary leadership is poised to foster a transformative evolution within FPSA. Guided by his extensive background, he aspires to cultivate an environment of student-led excellence. Under his guidance, the State Leadership Conference is set to flourish with an expanded array of competitions, streamlined processes, and a renewed emphasis on seamless experiences. The overarching objective is to reinvigorate the conference, enabling students and advisors alike to engage in spirited competition and boundless enjoyment

With a steadfast commitment to education and enjoyment, Mr. Rutledge envisions, FPSA as a dynamic platform that seamlessly blends learning and recreation for students and advisors. His determination to establish FPSA as an enriching and enjoyable journey for all participants underscores his dedication to fostering growth and camaraderie.

For inquiries or collaboration opportunities, please feel free to reach out to Mr. Rutledge via email at or by phone at 904-490-6838